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Higher Level of Email Engagement

Rapid Fire Email offers limitless options to explore potential of Sales Process Management, Automation & Data Driven Marketing, extensive filters to turn unclassified markets into targeted segments, advanced Workflow Automation to nurture leads and a flexible structure to use it as you want.

Feature Rich



As Email Marketing is Entering 2019-2020

You too may have come across questions like the following:

  • How extensive is the feature list and how long it would effectively sustain?
  • What are the options for improved deliverability?
  • How convenient it is to setup workflow automation considering the increased conversion rates with email automation?

With Rapid Fire Email

You get everything covered to maximum extent

Rapid Fire Email features are meticulously designed by closely studying recipient’s behavior and keeping industry trends of predictable years in consideration.

It is developed to ensure sustainable email delivery with improved level of email engagement and higher response rates.

Cohesive Process of Automation

Marketing automation campaigns that are triggered off by prospect’s activity/actions perform better than your marketing timeline.

Integrated processes loaded with endless possibilities to automate customer journey and lead nurturing campaigns.

It helps you explore the potential of automation to target right audience based on purchase history, behavior and preferences.

Email Journey Starts with Few Simple Clicks

Create, Send and Scale effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Ensure Email Consent Under GDPR

Rapid Fire Email is designed to adapt the existing spam laws including the major ones like CAN-Spam or Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), it doesn’t take much to fit in for the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) newly adopted regulation in EU member states.

Cost Effective Email Marketing

  • No Need to Separately Purchase a Hosting Server
  • App Auto Deploys with Few Clicks
  • Send without the Fear of Running out of Email Credits
  • Configure with an Email Relay of Your Choice
  • Offers a Complete White Labeled Solution by adding Primary and Sending Domains to Send Emails From

  • Functionality of 20+ Addons Included

Salient Features at a Glance

List Management

Suppression List


Contact Management

Speedy Import

A/B Testing

Dynamic Content

Drip Campaigns


Custom Mail Header


Geo Reporting

Bounce Processing


Sending Nodes

Spam Processing

Custom Fields

Auto Backup


White Labeling

More Insight on Some Key Features

The Dripping of Your Campaigns was never that Easy to Configure

Tools to help you make most of your existing database and increase the sales pipeline, while not forgetting to encourage and engage current customers for upsell, repeat purchase and cross-sell.

All with Drip Campaigns Feature

Taking Automation to Next Level

A good range of actions are available at your disposal to setup automatically triggered actions.

Send Emails to Intelligently Targeted Groups

Variety of filters available at your disposal to slice the list and create contact groups of similar sort. These better targeted groups of contacts will help to significantly improve customer engagement and message response rate

Regular Broadcasts & Evergreen Campaigns

Send your campaign at desired date & time as a Regular email campaign, or setup your campaign to repeat the sending process automatically on preset frequency as Evergreen Email Campaign.

Content remains integral part of email marketing success. As long as it stays relevant, chances of engagement remains intact.

Rapid Fire Email helps you practically implement from the general level of personalization to advanced dynamic values within your content.

Use Built-In Campaign Builder to Create Amazing & Aesthetically striking HTML Rich Emails.

Integrated With Majority Of Globally
Accepted Email Relay Services

Reporting and Performance Analysis

Rapid Fire Email offers detailed and valuable information on the sent campaigns, information you need to draw precise performance analysis.

  1. Learn the precise location of the campaign’s OPENED, and Clicked. It reveals geographical details such as Country, City, Region and Zip of the opens and clicks.
  2. Know which domain/ISP (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) remains most promising in terms of open rate, and which one ranks low in the list to fix the delivery issues.

It keep you updated on how many emails out of the total was successfully relayed, delivered, opened, clicked or bounced back.

I found Rapid Fire Email extensive in its ability to segment my database, extremely handy tool for setting up Drip Campaigns and too flexible to configure with a sending relay of my choice, among the available options. Excellent Application!

John Smith, SIM Marketing

A Globally Trusted Application for Customer
Engagement & Email Marketing

Mumara Rapid Fire Email is a Selfhosted and comes up with an installation instance/server. After the successful purchase, it will not take more than 5 minutes for the auto deployment and you get the required logins by email. You can wisely calculate your usage and choose the suitable hardware on next step.

  • Auto deployment in less than 5 minutes
  • All features included
  • Your own custom branding

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